OPTRECA Vertical Cable Organizer designed to meet the challenge of low and medium density cable management.
OPTRECA Vertical Cable Organizers are made of PVC material, Cable entry/exite slots are given on both sides of the VCO.
Standard configuration for VCO are 4 inches and 6 inches front removable cover. Available in Front only or Front and Back variants.

Tecnical Data
Part Code & Dimensions
Part CodeHeight in UHeight (mm)Width(Inches/mm)Depth (Inches/mm)
VCO 4 Inches/Front & Back45U21004/1008/200
VCO 6 Inches/Front & Back45U21006/15012/300
VCO 4 Inches/Front45U21004/1004/100
VCO 6 Inches/Front45U21006/1506/150
1U-44.45 mm
Note : Customized model also undertaken on request. Different color options with powder coating